Meet My Peeps

Meet John Gordon – The Boyfriend        

Also known as “The Baby,” “J.G.” or “Sebastian,” John is the best boyfriend a girl could ask for.  His mission in life includes making me laugh, taking care of me even when I don’t think I need it, keeping me up to date on action and thriller movies, singing his renditions of Sam Cook’s greatest hits, detailing corporate jets, dance-offs with my mom and being generally awesome.  He’s a blessing all around – definitely a keeper.        

John and I at my mom's, Christmas 2009


 Meet Chelsey Tanner – The Twin        

No, we’re not really twins, but we might as well be.  Also known as “The Squirrel,” Chels is the younger twin and makes my life better just by being in it.  We talk almost everyday and when we’re together, even Chuck Norris is no match for the force we create.  Squirrel shares my love for Waffle House, curly hair products and a good pair of sweatpants.  She’s not just my sister, she’s my best friend.        

Squirrel and I in Charleston, SC during sibling vacay, October 2009


Meet Cameron Tanner – The Younger Brother        

Cam is my closest sibling in age – we’re only 18 months apart.  He’s also the best high school teacher and soccer coach this side of the Mississippi.  Cam always has great stories, general commentary on the state of the world and a willing ear for a heart-to-heart.  He’s the perfect mix of sarcasm and sensitivity.        

Meet Jeremy Tanner – The Older Brother         

Jere is the insanely smart teddy bear of the family.  A tech savvy social media guru, I take advantage of his renowned consulting skills as much as possible.  His generosity, insatiable thirst for adventure and amazing hugs are just three of his best brotherly skills.  And he’s got quite the repertoire.        

The brothers in Charleston, SC during sibling vacay, October 2009 (Jeremy is on the left, Cam is on the right)


Meet LT – The Mom        

LT is just about the most excitable person I know.  She can turn a Tuesday into a party with special napkins, a cake and some signature martinis.  Always able to do a lot with a little, my mom taught me to always have something to do, someone to love and something to look forward to.  She’s cute, fun, super supportive and filled with love: a perfect mom package.        

LT goes country at a Phil Vassar concert.


Meet Kara – The Best Friend        

Kara and I have been friends for the last 23 years.  She’s the peanut butter to my jelly and growing up, we had plenty of PB&Js.  When we get together, there’s always brilliant ideas, abundant laughter and fond reminiscing.  Our most recent stroke of brilliance was taking a best friend cruise to the Bahamas in December 2009.  It was beyond amazing.        

Kara and I at the Atlantis Resort in Nassau, Bahamas during Best Friend Cruise, December 2009


 Meet Lar – The Dream Teamer    

Lar and I became friends at new student orientation for incoming graduate students entering the PR/Advertising/Retailing program at Michigan State and the rest, as they say, is amazingly awesome history.  We bonded over rowing crew, sesquesentennial swirl ice cream at the dairy store, Spartan football games and collaborating (dream team, stand up!) on every group project for three semesters.  She’s sweetest girl you’ll ever meet and a very fluent English speaker.  I love her husband, Kirk (aka “Special K”),  equally.    

Lar and I at her bridal shower, March 2010


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11 03 2010

Love reading your thoughts, keep them coming. Love you more,

Aunt Enid

29 04 2010
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